Introduction to Hardy Workshops

I currently offer the following 2 workshops

1.   Helping You To Help Yourself Using CBT Tools and Techniques

2.   Working with Suicidal People


 I invite you to scroll down for more information about the workshops.

Update:  January 2021


Sadly, workshops are not currently available face to face because of the COVID crisis.  This service will be available again whenever it is safe.

I am working on making these available on-line, and will provide details on this website soon.​

1.  Help Yourself Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Tools and Techniques 

CBT offers a range of accessible tools that we can learn to support ourselves and others every day.  Discover how these techniques can help you; or how you can work with your clients to cope better with a range of situations.

The following workshops are available within this range:

  • A workshop for students.  How can you help yourself think and react differently, and feel better to help you cope with a range of issues, such as stress, anxiety, confidence issues, procrastination, home sickness etc.

  • Help you / help your clients help themselves. This workshop would benefit a range of groups and professionals, such as social or care workers, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc.  Or to help yourself in your everyday life, whatever you do!

  • For counsellors.  Learn the underlying theory.  How might you integrate CBT into your professional practice?

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​​2. Understanding And Working With Suicidal People

A Workshop for a range of settings, including Social, Welfare, medical and Counselling Practitioners


In some professions, it is sometimes necessary to work with clients who are suicidal, and can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Having a better understanding of many of the underlying issues can assist us to feel less powerless and more able to help our clients or patients.  


The workshop  includes enabling a better understanding of suicidal thoughts, behaviour and intent; assessing risks; interacting with our client; how might we support ourselves as workers and any Safeguarding considerations.  It also addresses some of the ethical considerations related to this very complex area of work.

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Helpful Information

Location of Workshops: 


My workshops are hosted in Glasgow City Centre - easily accessible to both Queen Street and Central Station.

I also offer the opportunity to travel to your own location for group bookings. 

Cost of each 1-day workshop  (when meeting face to face)

Each participant pays £95, which includes a fully bound handbook that follows the work of the day. It can be used independently as a book or learning resource in its own right.  ​

15% reduction for bookings of 10 or more​

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