About Me

Originally from Stirlingshire, I moved to the South East in my early 20s, having lived in Brighton between 1987 and 1997.  I studied at Sussex University, graduating with a BA (hons) in Politics & Development Studies before moving to London in 1997.  For most of my career since then, I was employed for a major homelessness charity, and worked in a variety of projects, including community support and homelessness outreach work.

I graduated with a Masters in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from the University of in 2011. 

Since graduating, I was employed for 4 years as a Senior Counsellor, working with Carers and bereaved individuals, and I was a counsellor within a drug and alcohol recovery service for 2 years. I wrote workshops and trained teams working in social support; as well as to qualified and trainee counsellors. 


I relocated to Ayrshire in 2016 with my husband David where I love walking, cycling and photographing the beautiful countryside.  I am now based in Glasgow City Centre as a counsellor in private practice, and I also provide counselling on-line.