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My name is Linda Hardy.  I am a counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. I provide on-line counselling and am also a counsellor based in Glasgow City Centre.  I have been  fully qualified and practicing since 2011.  I have a relevant Masters Degree, and I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy - an upholder of professional standards in the field.

I have written and developed some well received workshops, and also a 'support yourself' blog page that may be of assistance.  

Below is an introduction to my services.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to ask me anything at all.  

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Introduction to what I offer

Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Therapy in Glasgow City Centre, and on-line service via Zoom.

My priority is to provide a friendly place for you to talk about whatever is on your mind.

We ALL need help and support sometimes, and counselling offers the opportunity to talk to another person, in confidence, about your thoughts, feelings or behaviour patterns in your own words; about any situation you are facing now or in the past, or worries about the future.  It helps to facilitate an understanding of why you think, feel and behave the way you do.  Having an outlet for your emotions can help reduce tension.  Counselling can help gain a different perspective and better enable you to deal with troubling thoughts or feelings and find coping strategies.   

As I know, it can be quite daunting seeking a stranger to open up to.  So it is important that you feel safe and secure with the person you choose.  Many people tell me that I am a warm and friendly person, and I will do my best to make sure you feel comfortable, safe and at ease.  In fact, this I consider this to be the most important thing I can do for you.  

My counselling space is based in Central Glasgow at 111 Union Street.  I am just off Gordon Street, adjacent to Glasgow Central Station, and right next door to the Shelter shop.


I offer a free half-hour daytime consultation, which would offer an opportunity for you to decide if I could be a good fit as your counsellor on-line, or in person in Glasgow City Centre when deemed safe.

Sadly, at present, because of the COVID crisis, it is not safe to meet in person.   I currently provide on-line counselling only via Zoom, which will continue to be available as part of my service - even when the lockdown restrictions end.


I hope to be able to provide a face to face service in the near future  will keep this site updated with any changes. (update on January 28th 2021)

My therapy space in Central Glasgow


Both of my workshops are well researched, interactive and informal.

Workshop 1.   


Utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tools and techniques. 


Adapted for a range of professionals, including:

  • For students

  • For social care / social work / medical practitioners, etc

  • For qualified and trainee counsellors          


Workshop 2.   


Understanding and Working with Suicidal People.  

Each attendee is given a fully bound course handbook to keep.  This follows the work of the day, and can be used as an independent book in its own right.

I invite you to click here for more detailed information about these workshops

Support Yourself Blog

We all need help and support in our life sometimes.  The purpose of these pages is to offer accessible support for a range of issues that affect many of us.


The pages offer an overview of issues and areas of concern that many of us face in our life.  There are also external links to other expert or professional services.

There is space for commenting below each blog entry so feel free to start or join a conversation about any of the issues featured here.

Current pages

  • Manage Stress and Anxiety

  • Understanding and Coping with Bereavement

  • Help Yourself Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  Tools and Techniques

  • Support for Low Mood and Depression

Please click here to enter Support Yourself Blog.